Dear Ottawans,

As members of our vibrant Ottawa community, we come together once again to address a pressing issue that offers us an opportunity for positive change – climate action. While the climate news has been concerning since the launch of Ecology Ottawa’s recent climate campaign, let us focus on the positive impact we can create together.

In recent times, we’ve witnessed record-breaking Heat waves around the world, as well as evacuations due to intense forest fires in places like British Columbia and Northwest Territories. We’ve even seen the effects of climate change closer to home, with a tornado striking Findlay Creek on August 3 and a substantial rainstorm drenching our city on August 10. These events remind us that climate change is a real and urgent concern.

Let’s channel our optimism into constructive action. The City Council may have been slow to act, but our collective energy and enthusiasm can inspire change.  Building on the campaign that Ecology Ottawa has already started, GentleWays For OurPlanet encourages you to write to Mayor Sutcliffe, with a copy to your Councillor, inquiring about the steps City Council plans to take in addressing climate change, especially as they are currently determining its budget for 2024. Remember, a government’s true priorities are reflected in its budget, not just its promises.  Please find a template letter below that you can copy and paste or modify as you see fit.

Through individual leadership and collective action, now is the time for us to come together as advocates for positive change. Together, we can collaborate to make Ottawa a shining example of proactive climate action while creating a more sustainable future for our city and our planet.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey toward a greener, more beautiful Ottawa.

Gentleways for OurPlanet team

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