Worrying Facts


Again in 2022, experts in Canada and from around the world released very worrying reports about the health of our Planet. Compared to 2019 reports, global warming, biodiversity loss and peace indicators continue to be cause for concern. 

In this section, our practicum student from Carleton University, Mayur Viswanath, took the time this year to review and summarise some key international reports on three interrelated areas of concerns: Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Peace status as related to climate change.

We would like to highlight one finding from the United Nations Environment Program 2022 Emissions Gap Report: there is a closing window for countries to implement their carbon reduction goals, with an annual reduction of 7.6% necessary between now and 2030 to meet their 1.5C target. So far, the vast majority of countries have missed their emission reduction targets. Will things improve in the coming years?

Biodiversity Loss

We are undergoing a sixth mass extinction, losing an entire species every two years. This event is primarily due to our overconsumption of resources, we consume 1.7 times Earth’s natural regeneration capacity each year.

Increased Conflict

Climate change continues to be a major threat to global peace and stability, with extreme weather events, and rising sea levels indirectly driving this decrease in peacefulness.

Global Warming

Without aggressive action, we are projected to experience a 2.8C increase in global temperatures by the end of this century, the effects of which will be devastating to nature and humanity. Despite ambitious goals by countries, sadly, we continue to see a serious implementation gap… 

Severe damage to planet biodiversity

One million animal and plant species are facing extinction within decades, a recent United Nations (UN) sponsored report warns.  This landmark global assessment indicates urgent action is required now to safeguard biodiversity for a healthy planet.

Increased Conflict

One would expect to see progress in humans’ collective ability to resolve differences and conflicts peacefully rather than through violence.  Sadly, the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness, the Global Peacefulness Index (GPI) indicates that over the past decade, (since 2008) the trend in peacefulness has deteriorated world wide by 3.78%.  So, here is another area – not unrelated to global warming- where we, dwellers of Planet Earth, have gone backward rather than getting better…

Global Warming

Human activity has already caused a 1.0°C increase of global warming since the 1850s.  Projections show warming of temperatures will continue if nothing is done.  Sea levels will rise, affecting coastal land infrastructure, animals and sea creatures will lose habitat, compromising biodiversity.  Summer drought conditions can be expected in many parts of the world.  Extreme heat will also contribute to more severe and numerous wildfires.

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