Every gift, small or big, will help create a healthier future

Why Donate?

Millions of North Americans consider climate change to be the top concern today and want to do something to protect the environment.

We love this opportunity to help, starting with our local communities. GentleWays’ mission is to inspire individuals to make a positive environmental impact and leave a gentler footprint on the planet. We offer useful tools, concrete initiatives, and trustworthy information about climate action. We believe that simple actions by millions can move mountains.

Learn about our three main local initiatives that are having a real impact on our local environment. We’re confident one of them will touch your heart!

Our Commitments

  • We respect your privacy
  • We spend income with the utmost care
  • We give our 100% always

1 | Tree Planting for healthier neighborhoods

We planted 417 trees via our Mobile App and in-person event in Ottawa with various cultural groups including new Canadians

Give today and help protect urban forests in neighborhood parks for everyone’s wellbeing!

2 | Green Bin Program for a cleaner air

The Green Bin project is to help our city, Ottawa, reach its goal of progressively diverting all organic waste from the landfill. This helps create cleaner air locally and mitigate global warming.

We partnered with six other local environmental organizations and we built a complete educational toolkit for anyone to champion the Green Bin in their multi-unit building.

3 | Mobile App: i4theplanet for a gentler impact on the planet

The mobile app enables everyone to adopt daily behaviors to protect the environment, to build resilience, and to develop caring leadership. With your gifts, you will support us develop the app further and promote it, so more people start leaving a positive impact on the environment.


A little background

GentleWays for OurPlanet is a small new organization with a big vision. It was founded during a time of unprecedented extreme environmental events and other crises. A sense of urgency, with deep compassion for Planet Earth’s wellness, mobilized our founder to donate the necessary funds to develop the organization during its first two years of operation.

Our founder continues to volunteer her full time to promoting the Gentle Ways. We have also been supported with some awesome volunteers including students from the University of Ottawa and members from the community. Our team is working passionately and tirelessly to make GentleWays’ tools and services available to you freely. We are deeply committed to help the Planet by helping you build caring-based relationships with nature, cleaner environment, and a healthier future for all.

We’re grateful for grants from Nature Canada, Ottawa Community Foundation and Sustainable Capacity Foundation, and for the support we receive from many sponsors and members of the community.


Gentleways For our Planet’s Team

GentleWays for ourPlanet is a not for profit organization incorporated in Ontario, Canada.

Receipts are issued but contributions are not tax deductible.

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