Volunteering Opportunities

You may help GentleWays for OurPlanet in many areas such as doing research and preparing short reports, organizing events, providing strategic advice or feedback, or in other areas that we haven’t thought about yet.

Current Volunteer Position

Website Content Developer & Publisher

Website Content Developer & Publisher 

Main role:
Review, update and optimize GentleWays website

Winter/spring 2022

Fields of experience:
Communications, Web development, and any other relevant field


  • Around three hours a week
  • Work from home 

The person we’re looking for has:

  • Ability to write well and concisely in English
  • Interest in researching and learning about current environmental issues and solutions
  • Technically comfortable with WordPress and social media platforms
  • Dependable, and enthusiastic about making a difference in the world
  • A commitment for good quality work


  • Experience with Website development and Search Engine Optimization
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of current social media marketing trends

If interested, please submit a succinct cover letter and your CV to: info@gentleways.org

Get involved! Help restore the ecological balance on our planet.

We look forward to have you part of our team!