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Over the past two years, millions of people have taken to the streets in protest of “insufficient action by world leaders” on Climate Change. Taking to the streets and making demands that others change is the easy part. Making personal commitments and changing our own actions in our spheres of influence is what the planet immediately needs .  Gentleways for OurPlanet‘s central position is that individual action makes a difference. We already know a lot about both the environmental issues and solutions. At least, we know enough to say our lifstyle, the overconsumption, is part of the problem and the solution.

Many scientific studies and reports have shown the relationship between consumption and environmental degradation in all its forms: air and soil pollution, habitat loss, ocean acidification, species loss, etc. For example, if we know today that the production of meat (and particularly beef) is directly linked to deforestation and air, soil and water pollution, should we not take this into account at the grocery store? Do we need another “study” or another “scientific report”?  And if we know that plastic is chocking marine life, why should we wait for a law before we start reducing and eliminating our single use plastics? And if we know that buying that T-shirt we don’t need – no matter where it’s made in the world – we are contributing to pollution, should we still buy it?

Laws and standards are part of the solution to the serious ecological problems we’re facing. To Gentleways, the solution will be driven by us, individual consumers. The action, most of it, will take place at the local community level, where each one of us can govern our own behaviors. A recent report by C40 Cities showed already how cities contribute to greenhouse gas emissions with the goods and services they purchase, and not only through what they produce within their boundaries.

In this section, we invite you to explore the areas of climate action below and see where you would like to start making your contribution. Just start and don’t aim for perfection. Do what you can. Together, we could create a huge wave of change. Remember, making demands that others change may or may not yield the outcome you desire. Start with yourself! The need to act is urgent!


Are you willing to make a few changes in your food buying habits to help OurPlanet heal? Yes, technological advances have brought us food security, variety and longevity, not to mention the freedom from backbreaking labour. The problem is that we’ve overdone it… Like in everything, too much of a good thing becomes bad.


Plasticus Ageous”… We’re using faux Latin here… Translation: “Plastic Age”

Green House Gases are only one form of toxic stress that human activity has imposed on the Planet. There are thousands of other chemical substances (e.g., pesticides) in current use that cause severe damage to the Planet. Our focus for now will be on Plastic. Quick wins may achieved by eliminating immediately single use plastic in our lives.


Blogs in this section are based on the core belief that humans are neither inherently superior nor more intelligent than other beings. In fact, we are superior to every other creature on this planet as far as our destructive activities. Not even the most violent volcanoes and hurricanes have changed the face of Earth the way we have. From this perspective, we do have higher stewardship responsibility.


The ideas in this section are based on experience and research findings in personal development. Relaying my university teaching, as well as my ongoing professional development, my main aim is to help advancing the expansion of our inner worlds. Each one of us is a continent waiting to be discovered and explored… The travel within is de rigueur at this time… Deepening our connections with nature is another aim; even for urbanites there are simple ways of reconnecting with nature. A third aim is to share my deep commitment to Non-Violent Communication.


Included under Fashion are clothing and electronics. We have a lot to say to raise awareness about the negative social and environmental impact of fashion. Due to the short life cycle of fashion, including phones, and the lack of regulations relating to proper disposal, most of these items end up in landfills, polluting soil, air and waterways.


This section is mostly for frequent flyers, mainly for business purposes. Like in other areas of influence, Gentleways invites you to pause, reflect and considers your options. Becoming more aware of the impact of our action on everything around us can help us make more caring, more compassionate decisions.

Tree Planting Project

Interested in rebuilding our natural spaces and supporting the services they provide to us and to other life forms?

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