About GentleWays

Our Vision

All beings on Planet Earth co-exist and thrive through sustainable collaboration

Our Mission

To inspire individuals to make a positive environmental impact and leave a gentler footprint on the planet, with our useful tools, concrete initiatives, and trustworthy information about climate action

Our Gift

  1. 1. Evidence-based information for pro-environmental individual decisions & actions 
  2. 2. Opportunities to participate in impactful local pro-environmental projects
  3. 3. Concrete tools that enable individuals to adopt and champion sustainable living 


Research Findings

that Inspire Our Work

1. The need to reduce global GHG emissions 50% by 2030 in order to mitigate global warming, to keep the global temperature increase below the 1.5 or 2 degrees C

2. Factory farms are highly polluting, breeding grounds for pandemics, with horrific living conditions for animals. They cause more than a third of global GHG emissions directly and indirectly

 3. Today, trees and forests are the best- known nature-based solution to mitigate global warming

 4. Many individuals in North America express a wish to help protect the environment but are not sure how to do it. Support is needed.

Individual Goals

We Promote

    1. Reduction of 50% in our consumption of factory farmed products (e.g., meat and dairy) over the next 12 months

    2. Increase of 50% in our consumption of plant-based meals over the next 12 months

    3. Increase in our eco-friendly actions (e.g., reuse, eliminate when possible single use of anything, repurpose)

    4. Tree Planting

    5. Start using or increase the use of the green bin by 80% over the next 12 months


    We Have


    1. Changing our menus
    With support from the City of Ottawa, our current project is intended to promote more sustainable food options in some Ottawa restaurants

    2. Show your love for the planet
    We believe in the power of personal leadership and small pro-environmental action

    3. A free app (The i4ThePlanet) is available in the Apple and Google app stores, which has everything one needs in one place to start taking pro-environmental action to reduce individual GHG emissions and lead more sustainable living. The app has a tree planting option at $1.75 per tree with Ecology Ottawa and is packed with other fun to use features that enables individual leadership I mitigating climate change

    4. Organise tree planing events in Ottawa with various cultural groups including new Canadians

    5. Champion the Green Bin program in your building, in collaboration with other local environmental organisations, the downloadable Green Bin implementation kit from our project Ottawans for the Green Bin to help increase the use of the City’s green bin program

    6. Ongoing awareness and educational tips on social media around sustainable living based on the latest research in the field


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