From the myriads of moving moments we call “self”, one of the most precious gifts you can give someone is a moment of your full, pure presence. BUSI-ness has taken over. It has become a status symbol, they say.

Deep down, however, we still long for moments of full presence and pure connection. Even my cat knows the difference. When my mind wonders off and my hand mechanically continues patting, I hear the protest. Distracted patting sucks! Feels fake.

Our full, pure presence to others – people, pets, plants, everything, has healing qualities. We feel good when others give us their whole presence simply because it’s life affirming. The gift of full presence is self-sufficient. It has no other goal than itself. Not intended to win friends, to influence, lead or to gain anything. Pure gifts are like that: surrendered, given, released freely.

No strings attached.

Full presence has no striving for anything. It is pure being – A gentle way