GentleWays for OurPlanet is grateful to have received a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation to support our “Engaging Ottawans for the Green Bin” project. The goal of this project is to promote greater use of the green bin program in multi-unit properties in Ottawa. GentleWays has taken the initiative of engaging with number of local environmental organisations – playfully calling ourselves Ottawa Green Bin Group of Seven- and we started working together this past spring. With our work, we’re motivated to help make Ottawa one of the greenest cities in the world!

City of Ottawa waste programs research shows that 50% of our trash content in Ottawa is compostable and should be diverted from landfill. Over the past fourteen years, the City has taken several measures to encourage greater use of the green bin. However, according to their 2021 reports, the potential for greater use of the green bin is still very large, and particularly in multi-unit dwellings!

Our collective has been developing a tool kit to be used in multi-unit properties to help increase the participation in the program. The good news is that in June of this year, the City has made it mandatory for all multi-unit properties to sign up for the green bin program. Still, raising awareness, providing support and education about the benefits of the green bin will be needed. Our collective has also engaged with elementary schools in Ottawa and with the Ottawa school of Art to raise awareness about the green bin through fun activities and art. So far, two schools have participated and we will engage with more schools in September.

If you’re interested as an organisation or as an individual in collaborating on this initiative or in obtaining information about the tool kit, you’re welcome to contact us at:

Here is the list of our collective:

• Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability
• Eco West-Enders Group
• GentleWays for OurPlanet
• Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City
• Ottawa South Eco-Action Network
• Ottawa Zero Food Waste
• Peace and Environmental Resource Centre