Inspired by our commitment to the gentle, humane ways, and encouraged by the success achieved by the UK-based Crustacean Compassion, GentleWays for OurPlanet is launching a petition in support of banning a cruel method of preparing lobsters for consumption: boiling them alive. Let it be clear: the evidence today that lobsters and crabs feel pain when they are boiled alive is solid and beyond any doubt. Let us join the ranks of other civilized societies and have this practice stopped in Canada, starting in our province, Ontario. There are other humane ways of slaughtering crustaceans for food.

Thanks to the work by Crustacean Compassion, crustaceans were included this past April (2022) in the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act in the UK. The Sentience Act now recognizes crustaceans as sentient beings like other animals. GentleWays has launched a petition to gather support for the proposed changes under the Provincial Animal Welfare Service Act (PAWS).  We basically want the crustaceans to be protected from cruelty under this act like other animals such as cows, dogs, cats and chickens.

In addition to the petition, GentleWays will also lead a lobsters rescuing campaign in Ottawa.  We will raise awareness about the plight of lobsters sold in grocery stores and encourage those stores that carry them to stop selling them.  It is utterly heart breaking to see those creatures crammed into small crowded tanks on top of one another, when in the wild they have miles to swim and explore.  Living sentient animals deserve to live a decent life and when slaughtered, a humane way with methods that are the least likely to cause suffering.

It is very encouraging to know that some restaurants (e.g, Red Lobsters) are already using sch methods (stunning) before slaughtering crustaceans; a great step that all restaurants that serve lobsters should and could take now. We will keep you posted on our progress.  If you have any comments or questions about this initiative pls contact the project director Teke Rerri at : In the meantime, please sign the petition to show you care. Thank you!

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