GentleWays for OurPlanet (GW) Sustainability Policy

We also welcome you to use or copy our policy. If you do so, we only ask that you acknowledge us.


At GW we are committed to conduct our business in sustainable ways whenever possible and we strive to continually seek ways of improving our sustainability practices when doing our work: In our relationship with ourselves, one another and the natural environment. In everything we do, we are guided by the values of integrity, transparency and collaboration. We treat one another and all life forms with the utmost respect. We strive to create spaces where all can flourish.

Environmental: Reducing our carbon footprint

We use energy efficiently by supporting remote work, with brief virtual meetings for optimised productivity and effectiveness, by using non motorised means of transportation whenever possible and by car-pooling for our hard to reach in- person events (e.g., tree planting events). We turn the lights and all electronic equipment off when not in use and use prints only when it’s absolutely necessary.  We prioritize the 3 R principle of reuse, recycle and repurpose, but most importantly, we only buy what is necessary. We use every natural resource such as water and food with reverence and produce minimal waste.

Social: Commitment to inclusion and diversity

We practice a GentleWays-based leadership style that is rooted in collaboration and deep respect for all beings. We make efforts to hire people from diverse backgrounds with diverse perspectives and to co-create a culture of appreciation and mutual respect. We seek collaboration opportunities in every project we initiate in order to amplify and optimise the use of resources and to maximise outcomes.  We maximise our reach by using digital tools and resources, such as gamifying the sustainability process through our i4theplanet app

Personal: Promoting wellness

We promote sustainable use of personal resources by supporting individual wellness.  We follow a wellness-centric timetable that accommodate GentleWays members’ flexible scheduling needs and preferences.  We raise awareness about the risk of burnout, and set reasonable goals and reachable deadlines. We also have wellness practices built into our lifestyle including healthy diets from sustainable food sources, including plant-based meals as the main source of nutrition.

Corporate: Supporting pro-environment businesses

Whenever possible, we conduct business with organisations committed to sustainability and are known for their good pro-environmental practices, and we support local businesses. We have a values and ethics Code that guides our business and personal practices at the core of which is integrity and transparency. We avoid conflict of interest situations and if a conflict ensues, we resolve it in a way that benefits the public good.