Renewal in my heart

Does it matter where you begin
And where I end,
When the beats of our hearts
Dance to the growing trust
In our movement?
Does it matter where I begin
And where you end,
When the voices from our past
Awaken in the depths of our minds,
The same old song
For new, everyday beginnings.
Does it matter when the sun
Will shine again,
If I see you in my heart
With my one thousand eyes.
Does it really matter if you cross out
All the words you inscribe
At the doorstep of your day,
When no road will rise to meet you
When no road will rise to meet you
In your journey…
Does it matter who’s right
And who’s wrong
And “who started it”,
When the basic elements
Join forces at dawn,
To hurl the clouds
Into the fields
Of aspiring sunflowers
And send silver rain,
Instead of the promised
Golden rays.
Does it rain in your heart
When I don’t see you
With my one thousand eyes,
And when I let my one thousand
Inscribed lines,
At the doorstep of my day,
Turn me into a lost traveler
In my own land?
Does it really matter
If the words we cross out
Did not make us sway,
To a new old hymn,
From some distant galaxy?

— © Aïda Warah