Be the Change

Gentleways Pledge

If you knew that a friend or a loved one is ill and you can do something to help with their recovery, would you do it?

More and more people everywhere in the world are concerned about the health of our planet and acknowledging that climate change is affecting them personally. Can we channel our concern into concrete action?

Did you know that you can make the environment cleaner and the planet greener, and the bees, butterflies and birds happier, with what you put on your plate every day? Let us be clear: we are not advocating for vegetarian, vegan diets or “zero waste”. We believe in small steps and stand, however, for healthier food choices. Meat, dairy and eggs produced in intensive industrial farms are, according to some estimates, behind more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. if you count the destroyed forests for animal feed including Amazon Forests, the depleted soil with reduced ability to sequester carbon, the increased methane generated by sicker cows in industrial farms, you will see that the quantity of “waste” our current food choices produce is far beyond our planet’s ability to “digest”.

Our planet is unwell…Are you willing to show your caring with a few small changes in your food choices?

You can begin gradually by skipping one Food Industrially Produced (FIP) a day and replacing it with other choices. There are plenty of other healthy and tasty choices that are gentler on the environment, including products from local small farms. These tend to be more expensive and could be enjoyed on special occasions.

Begin to SKIP a FIP once a day!

Another way of reducing GHG emissions is to keep compostable content from landfills. To do so use the green bin. Here in Ottawa Canada, soon every multi-unit building will have access to the green bin services.

Are you ready to take a pledge to mitigate climate change and help the planet recover with what you eat?

In support of a healthier environment and a healthier planet I pledge to:

• Reduce my consumption of food industrially produced (e.g., meat, eggs and dairy) by 50% over the next 12 months
• Increase my consumption of plant-based foods by 50% over the next 12 months
• Use the green bin everyday

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